What do Buyers Look for in a Home

Many people hesitate to spend money in remodeling their homes when it comes to selling the house. Spending on resealing your house will only increase the value of your house. When buyers see a house, there are plenty of things they look for. So if you want to know those things, keep reading.

Laundry Room

According to a study of Association of Home Builders, the most wanted item buyers look for in a house is a separate laundry room. Having a separate laundry room will keep the rest of the house away from the mess and clothes. However, if there is no laundry room in your house, the basement is the best option to have one. You can have a decent laundry room in your basement in just $1,000.

Outdoor Lighting

Having a lawn well-manicured with outdoor lighting is enough to put a positive first impression on the buyer. Exterior lighting is also a symbol of home safety. Other than that you can install the motion sensor lights outside your house, which turn on/off when there is an outside movement.

Energy Efficient Appliances

If the buyers are looking to limit their energy bills, they would love to have energy efficient appliances installed in the house. Such appliances will not only save their money but will also add to their comfort.



In modern-day housing market, it is important to have a well decorated outdoor living space. When a buyer sees a well-established backyard, he/she starts envisioning themselves sitting in that backyard with their friends and drinking. So it is one of most important feature a buyer look for in a house.


There are a lot of things buyers look for when buying a house and if you are planning to sell your house, you must know those things. Some buyers want to make sure the roof is newer, others want to make sure the sewer lines are cleared (http://www.gilletteconstruction.net/), some may want these items above. Keep in mind the above-mentioned things, and you will get a fair price for your house.


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